LeanUX Vancouver, Workshop. Marketing Sponsor: BCTIA

Lean UX Vancouver is a workshop where attendees use Lean Startup principles and User Experience Design Methodologies to define, validate, envision, and build their products or services.

As an instructor at Lean UX Vancouver, I was in charge of the following:

  • Recruited other qualified speakers to on board instructing at the event
  • Designed and planned workshop curriculum while conducting regular participant surveys and feedback sessions
  • Collaborated with other instructors on the flow and presentation of the program
  • Taught entrepreneurs and startups how to work cohesively from the start through identifying design challenges
  • a/b testing, usability testing, paper prototypes, conducting research, and validating each step of the process
  • Accredited marketing sponsor of the event: BC Technology Industry Association – http://www.bctia.org