Hand-painted Shoes Series.

Each pair of shoes is hand-painted. Each pair of shoes has its own story and meaning.

Kamikaze’s Story:
Originally I had a very short description for this piece, i figured no one would have the time to read. Until one day, my friend asked me for the “Real Story” behind these shoes.

So here we go…

The shoe “Kamikaze” represents my interpretation of the movies Kamikaze girls and Hanami. I was also inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
I’ve tried to express various symbolic elements by purposely leaving out Mt. Fuji. The girl wearing “Kamikaze” would take the place of Mount Fuji in this context. In this sense, she becomes Mt. Fuji, embodying the essence of the word, which means nonpareil, never-ending.
I also added a broken red Kanji banner that says, “Strongest in history”.
This banner is broken up to symbolize the idea that her presence does not rely on a given title or name.