Subscriber Portal

Subscriber portal for Tier One service providers, worldwide.

My responsibilities:

  • Worked with Product Line Manager and clients to understand the requirements and goals
  • Using mental models to capture user behavior, pain points, motivations, and needs from a contextual standpoint and grouped them into logical verticals and mapped product features into different verticals to identify gaps, opportunities and sectioned features into different design phases
  • Identified and analyzed user task flows to create wireframes and rapid prototypes
  • Led brainstorming sessions with departmental team leaders to gain insights and feedback through cognitive walkthroughs, uncovering usability issues and limitations
  • Collaborated with Internal Engineering team (back-end) to refine design flows
  • Managed and communicated design needs to external development teams. Providing front-end team with design deliverables, such as  interaction videos, low/hi-fi mockups and design specification documents

Using rapid prototyping to get feedback

Wireframe to visually communicate abstract concepts to front-end and back-end teams

For external team, video walk-through to illustrate top-level interactions

Design specifications

Hi-fi mockups

Video walk-through for specific design flows